Veteran unemployment rate hit 12.1 percent last year

IAVA’s Paul Rieckhoff and veteran Jessi Tseng join Andrea Mitchell Reports to talk about the employment opportunities for veterans and whether a GI bill is needed.

For more on Hiring our Heroes, an initiative from NBC News and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that aims to get veterans back into the workforce, click here. Learn more about job fairs for veterans here

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Our nations veterans are suffering at alarming numbers and not just since Iraq and Afghanistan, this has been going on for many years before. Many veterans are unemployable due to service connected disabilities that prevent them from holding on to jobs and in many cases their rights are violated such as the " family medical leave act" which employers violate all the time since it is cheaper to just fire the vet's and pay the cheap fines for violating the act. The Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) continues to violate veterans rights with the claims process for disabilities and even the care givers payments. The VA is above the law or so it seems since they get away with rights violations such as Due Process of Law, the very foundation of the legal system with in this country, without any accountability. There are countless studies and Office Of Inspector General reports on the failures and rights violations, lack of accountability and blatant disregard for veterans claims, records and the suffering of vets and their families. Veterans are losing their homes and becoming homeless at alarming rates. Suicide rates are up, and many vets have given up on the VA and the service organizations who are supposed to help them. Even VA appeals court judges rulings mean nothing since the Regional Office do as they want despite Judicial Remands for action. Most Americans do not know the extent of the suffering since the VA continues to feed the people with retoric on how much they are doing for veterans, when in fact most vets with claims wait "several years" for claims and many die before receiving anything. I am aware of all this first hand, I have a claim since 2004 and a Judges Remand since 2009. I had a previous claim in 1994-96 that I gave up and accepted their decision due to the stress and effect on my health and family. It has been determined that " most if not all " Claims are valid and not frivolous and should be approved by the VA. Veterans have a saying on this " Delay, Deny and Hope That I Die or Commit Suicide. These vets have major health and mental conditions that are not their fault and many go untreated. This must Stop Now, Every American should be out raged about this and let Washington know. I would like to see a March on Washington like never before, much like what our WWI vets did. Hope fully we are not shot like they were then...and if we are - it just shows how little our nation cares about our veterans. God Bless Our Veterans.

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